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What Kinds of Services Does GrowPlugins, LLC Provide?

I work primarily with WordPress websites. I can set up a new WordPress website and make changes to an existing website. I can improve your SEO, add new functionality to your WordPress website, and manage the backend. I do not have set sales packages at the moment, so please contact me for a custom quote.

What Page Builders Can You Work With? I Have XYZ Page Builder.

I can work with most types of page builders. There are many different page builders out there, but they all follow some of the same general design principles. I am most familiar with Beaver Builder, the Block Editor, and Bricks Builder, and I prefer the later because of the amazing flexibility and page speed it brings to the table. In fact, when I work on your website, even for a short time, I will give you access to a year’s worth (12 month’s worth) of updates to Bricks Builder for free upon request. I really do believe in it.

So You Offer a One Year License to Bricks Builder When You Work on My Website?

That’s correct. If you hire me to do any work on your website, I can offer you a one-year subscription to Bricks Builder for free. If you continue using my services later on, the end date for the subscription keeps getting moved out. It won’t end until a year passes since I’ve worked on your website. Put another way, if you use my services at least once every 12 months, the subscription won’t end.

What Happens to My Bricks Builder If You Haven’t Worked on my Website for a Year (12 Months)?

I may or may not deactivate your Bricks Builder license, which is what allows you to continue updating Bricks Builder to the latest version. Note that you won’t be losing anything, you can still keep the version of Bricks Builder you had before the license was deactivated, along with all of your website content. Not one part of your website will be lost: no pages, blog posts, images, or even the header. However, once 12 months lapses since I’ve worked on your website, it becomes your responsibility to keep your license activated and Bricks Builder up to date. I encourage you to purchase your own license and support the Bricks Builder developers, so they can continue to improve the builder and keep it in peak shape. Or you could just hire me again to make more changes to your website.

How Will I Know If My Bricks Builder License No Longer Works?

Bricks Builder will notify you that a newer version is available, but won’t let you update to it. If this happens, head on over to the Bricks Builder website and purchase a new license for your website. Once you get the new license, insert the license code into the license code field in the Bricks Builder settings. Or you could hire me again to reinstate your free one-year subscription of Bricks Builder.