I’ve updated the Terms and Conditions for using this website. Take a look!

Website Ownership

This website is owned by GrowPlugins, LLC, a single-member LLC.

Affiliate Marketing

Depending on where you navigate to on this website, you may see affiliate links and ads. Please note that GrowPlugins, LLC receives monetary compensation when you click on an affiliate link and proceed to purchase a product from that affiliate. This incentive likely has some influence on my opinions, in favor of the affiliate, but I do my best to always present products and services honestly and fairly. In the spirit of honesty and integrity, pages containing any affiliate links will conspicuously notify you of affiliate link usage near the top of the page (or in the case of a popup containing an affiliate link, at the bottom of the popup). Pages that don’t have a notification should not have any affiliate links.

Why I Use Affiliate Links and Ads

Referrals are common in the web development trade. For example, if a customer comes to me with a problem and I’m too busy with other customers to help them, I may refer them to someone else who can help them right away. Referrals are not only good for companies like mine, but they are also pretty good for you, too, the customer. For example, suppose your website is down but I’ve never worked with you before and I already have current customers that require my immediate attention. In this case a referral from me can get you the services you need much quicker than telling you to wait a week or to look for someone else yourself. Affiliate links are essentially referrals that the referee (that’s GrowPlugins, LLC, in this case) actually gets paid for.

As a business, one of the primary purposes of GrowPlugins, LLC is to make money. My goal is to always work ethically and responsibly, and in some cases that may even mean turning down opportunities to make money for the sake of doing what’s right. Referring potential customers to affiliates that offer services I don’t or can’t offer them is one of the ways my business makes money. I believe this can be a positive thing for everyone involved, so long as it is made known upfront. I hope you understand.

Affiliate Marketing and Privacy

For information on how the affiliate marketing on this website impacts your privacy, please see the Privacy Policy.