Your Website: #1 Customer Service Representative?

Your website is usually the first place customers will look for answers to their problems. In some cases they may just be looking for a way to contact a customer service representative, but many times customers come to your website expecting to find a vast resource of knowledge about your products and services. Here are some ways to better serve your customers, possibly before anyone in your company even talks to them.

Create FAQ Content to Answer Common Questions

A Frequently Asked Questions section on your website allows you to give short, concise answers to the questions your customers commonly have. This is a nice resource for customers, whether they are new customers who are serious about learning what you have to offer, or current customers with issues that need to be resolved.

Creating an FAQ page requires planning. Ask yourself these two questions when drafting questions to add to your FAQ:

  • What questions do customers keep asking?
  • What questions are easy to answer, once for everyone?

This should help you hone in on the questions that are most useful to your customers and you.

Create How-To Blog Posts to Resolve Customer Service Issues

Sometimes there are issues that are big enough that they deserve some special attention. Perhaps something comes up all the time for customers, and it would help certain customers if you really went into detail about how to resolve that issue. Blog posts are great for this. Unlike an answer on an FAQ page, a blog post can really dig into a solution, helping customers not only know exactly how to resolve their problem, but perhaps even why they have that problem to begin with. Besides giving you space to write a complete resolution to an issue, blog posts also come with other benefits, including:

  • Blog posts are dated, so customers know how old an answer is, and may be more likely to understand if an old answer is outdated.
  • Blog posts are searchable via the WordPress search function.
  • Blog posts are easy to organize into categories.
  • Blog posts provide more places for you to improve your website SEO and target different keywords.

Create a Searchable Knowledge Base or Help/Learning Center

When you need to answer a lot of questions in-depth (say, ten or more), you may want to consider getting a knowledge base plugin installed. The power of a knowledge base is in its organization and search-ability. While you could technically create your own knowledge base by connecting blog posts or pages together manually, why would you want to? There are already plenty of WordPress plugins available to make this as easy as possible, for free!

Customer Service

Focus on What Your Customer Wants

No matter how you choose to handle customer service solutions on your website, the key is to focus on the customer.

  • How can your products and services help your customers?
  • What kinds of issues do customers face when using your products, or receiving your services?
  • Where and how can you make things easier for your customers?
  • What are common questions you hear about your company or offerings?
  • Are there any questions or issues that aren’t being addressed somewhere on your website yet?

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